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Planning a party, business luncheon or family open house? Our deli experts are here to help you create the perfect menu for any special occasion.

We are confident in our ability to exceed your expectations, as we showcase platters that offer the best in quality, freshness and flavor. Our “Certified Service” includes helping you plan each event from conception to rave reviews.

Count on us to provide:

  • • Delicious trays that complement each other
  • • Side dishes
  • • Breads and desserts
  • • Tableware
  • • Beverage recommendations
  • • An atmosphere that makes entertainment planning almost effortless
  • • Guidance on establishing quantities based on guest count

All party trays are available in three sizes:

Small: Serves 7-13
Medium: Serves 14-21
Large: Serves 22-30

We are “At Your Service” today and every day. Call or talk to our deli experts for your next event.

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

Supreme Salads

These popular salads, made with the freshest ingredients, will be sure winners with your guests. Select the Chicken Caesar, Seven‐Layer or Garden Tossed salad. Perfect to serve on their own or as side salads.

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

Bon Appetite

The robust flavor of cheese is paired with the sweetness of fresh fruit! This wonderful medley is sure to delight anyone. (Fruit subject to seasonal availability)

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

Antipasto Tempter

An extravaganza of Italian flavor tempts the tastebuds on this tray of pepperoncini, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, sopressata, hard salami, capicola, provolone, prosciutto, asparagus and more.

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

Bridge Club

This amazing assortment of delicious finger sandwiches filled with ham, chicken, tuna and pimento salad will delight visitors. It’s garnished with sliced radishes and green onions.

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

Continental Choice

Fresh petite croissants are generously filled with tender ham, succulent turkey and hearty roast beef along with crisp lettuce and a slice of cheese. Serve for brunch, lunch, a party or picnic!

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

Party Pinwheels

Your guests will enjoy this creative assortment of sandwiches filled with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and our special seasonings. Add a special twist to any business lunch or party.

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

Fiesta Pleaser

It’s a true fiesta of flavor from south of the border. Serve this layered dipping favorite made with refried beans, Mexicali dip, salsa, sour cream and fresh garnish at your next party.

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

The Nibbler

A tray for all seasons, for all occasions, and for all meat and cheese lovers. The four featured meats and four cheeses are all bite‐sized, easy to enjoy and a guaranteed hit with any crowd.

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

Spinach Delight

Now this is entertaining! Fresh Hawaiian bread serves as a natural bread bowl for this delicious spinach dish surrounded with cocktail rye breads. Expect rave reviews from your guests.

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

Tasty Tenders

Whether you’re planning a picnic, party or simple get‐together this delicious tray of fried chicken tenders is a crowd‐pleasing treat. The tangy barbecue sauce center adds real dippin’ pleasure!

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

Country Snackin'

Treat your guests to the down‐home country goodness of chicken wing dings. For extra snacking flavor, dip those wings in our tasty barbecue sauce. A party favorite that’s sure to please!

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

Shrimp Spectacular

Succulent, chilled shrimp will surely satisfy the most discriminating palate. This tray comes ready‐to‐serve with fresh, extra‐large shrimp and is garnished with zesty cocktail sauce and fresh lemon slices.

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

European Gourmet

Cheese connoisseurs will love the mélange of flavorful cheeses that we’ve artfully assembled on this tray. Gouda, Brie, Chavrie, and Dill Havarti are just a few of the varieties offered.

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

Garden Refresher

Garden freshness at its best describes this bountiful arrangement of crisp, cool vegetables. This tray is perfect for a party or feast and includes a delicious dill dip.

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

Simple Pleasures

Nature’s sweetest fruits create simple eating pleasure! These fresh, seasonal favorites are beautifully arranged to surround a delectable fruit dip. (Fruit subject to seasonal availability.)

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

The Entertainer

You don’t see this kind of variety very often. Three meats and three cheeses make up this appetizing tray. An assortment of relish favorites and leaf lettuce provide the perfect garnish. Delicious!

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

American Classics

Variety is the spice of life and what a combination this tray offers! Six varieties of fresh sliced cheeses are perfect for sandwiches or tasty nibbling.

Deli trays at Ed's Orchard Market

Meat Lovers

Here’s an ample supply of sandwich favorites. Included are four full‐flavored meats, thinly sliced, plus a fresh relish center. It’s attractively arranged so that you’ll love what you taste and like what you see!

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